Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tattle Tale!

Today was the day that Crafty has been waiting for and I have been sort of dreading. Today was my first day as a Parent Volunteer in the new school.

I hate meeting new people, I have dozens of boxes still to unpack and it looks like a bomb went off in my craft area...and don't even get me started on the piles of laundry I've been trying to ignore all week. In short, I had loads (literally) of other things to do today but I promised Crafty that I'd be there so after lunch I hauled myself into the school office, signed in and put on my name tag. I took a deep breath and headed down the hall in search of the Grade Three classroom.

The teacher was nice and the other parent volunteer was funny. Before long I felt comfortable and was happily working away. My job was to help the kids choose a 'just right' book for home reading, record the title of the book in the log and have them put their chosen book in their backpack. Simple.

I was about halfway through the list of kids when I called Crafty to the table. She spent ten minutes pondering her book choices, rejecting my suggestions and moping about not finding 'the right just right' book. Getting impatient I told her to just pick one because we were running out of time. Her response? She just glared at me, turned on her heel and walked away.

The other parent gave a nervous chuckle, shrugged and went back to her assigned work. When I looked back to see where Crafty went I was mortified. She was at her teacher's desk and before I could even form a plan she dramatically pointed at me and announced, "She was rushing me!"

Suddenly 26 sets of tiny eyes were on me, accusing me, condemning me. I hung my head in shame and returned to my volunteer corner. When Crafty brought her book to me five minutes later (it was one I suggested in the first 30 seconds of looking) I wrote down the title of the book, handed it back to her and whispered to her, "Watch your back, kid. Its on!"

She just smirked and walked away.

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