Friday, October 15, 2010

Fiction Friday: FALL by Colin McAdam

The more time I spend writing and chatting with other writers the more important I think it is to support up and coming authors and home grown Canadian authors. That's why this week's Fiction Friday pick is by Canada's own Colin McAdam.

FALL was a finalist for the Giller Prize this past year and after soaking in the pages of this dark and twisty book I can see why. McAdam pulls you through his story word by word and before you realise it you are tangled up in the delusions, lies and guilt of his main character. Noel is an intelligent yet socially awkward senior at St. Ebury, an elite boarding school in Ottawa, who sees himself as the perfect sidekick to his popular and charismatic roommate, Julius.

His curiosity about Julius, his friends and his girlfriend, Fall takes a dark turn into obsession. Noel becomes inwardly disgusted and frustrated by Julius' oblivion and crass behavior while outwardly he continues to play the role of the devoted roommate. Noel's angst builds to the boiling point when one night he conceives a plan that is sure to win him Fall and give him the status and respect he deserves.

This book is a handful and not one that the average reader could breeze through but it is definitely worth the time to sit back and savour one of Canada's best and brightest authors. Well done, Mr. McAdam!

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