Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dude-isms aka Rules of Life

As parents you spend your life explaining and for every explanation you give there is a never ending stream of 'whys' that float your way. And when you have a kid on the autism spectrum there is really no end to the questions.

All kids are curious about life and the why behind the way things are done but I find that Dude is more than curious. He has a hunger for information that is never satisfied. More than once we have joked that he is 'Number 5' from the movie Short Circuit, he always needs more input. So we explain and explain and explain and sometimes we wonder if anything is really sinking in.

Recently we have had several break-throughs with Dude. Here are some Dude-isms aka Rules of Life...

You shouldn't be late for school because if you are you end up standing in the hall singing O Canada by yourself like an idiot.

You should always close the door when you go to the bathroom because no one wants to hear you peeing while they are eating breakfast.

If you see someone being bullied don't stick your nose into the situation - it might get punched. Find a friendly adult, quick, they are less likely to get punched.

Its better to do your work in class with everyone else rather than taking it home for homework. If you have it for homework that means you are spending twice as much time staring at your work and hating it.

to be continued...

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