Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiction Friday - The Truth About Delilah Blue

The Truth About Delilah Blue - Tish Cohen

Tish Cohen is one of my favourite authors and she has done it again. I am wowed, bowled over and in love with this quirky cast of characters that Cohen has created for this gem of a tale.

The Truth About Delilah Blue is, on the surface, a story about a young wanna-be art student who is willing to go to nearly any lengths to get the art degree she desires while she juggles the responsibilities of caring for her ailing father and the shock of dealing with the truth about how they came to be on their own. As the reader dives into this perfectly sculpted story the line between right and wrong gets blurred and just as in 'real life' no one in Delilah's world is entirely good or entirely bad.

It takes little more than the first few pages to fall in love with Delilah, her life and her author. So before you head out to the lake, board a plane or sink into your comfy couch be sure to pick up this fantastic won't be sorry!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tip Tuesday

I had grand plans to write something insightful, helpful and witty on this my first Tip Tuesday but fate (or my own stupidity) intervened.

So here's my big tip for the day...

Your kids don't care how inspired or productive you are at 3 o'clock in the morning...they just want their breakfast on the table at the usual time.

Ugh...need coffee!

Life As We Know It

Welcome to the lighter side!

My other blog - Diverse Momma - can get a little deep and kind of heavy. That is the place for deep contemplation of the trials and joys that life is. Not so much here.

This is just the ramblings of some random mother about her three random kids and one crazy life. Here's the lay of the land so you can keep up...

Mr. Awesome and I have been married for 13 years. In just over two weeks we are packing up the kids and heading for small town life (yikes!). The kids? 10 year old ScienceDude, 8 year old CraftyGirl and 5 year old MegaMischief (also known as Dude, Crafty & Mischief).

Strap in, hold on and get ready for this wild ride!