Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stupid Teenagers

Before I start this rant I have to say that normally I like teenagers a lot. Sure, they do and say dumb stuff often but for the most part its not their fault...their brains haven't finished growing yet. I find most teenagers I meet to be bright, witty and interesting. Their view on life is pure and unique and one teen can have more passion and charisma than a room full of adults. Teens are awesome!

But not today.

I had a pretty busy yet productive morning of domestic chores. I cleaned and baked and folded until most of the house was sparkly lemon fresh. Mischief's birthday party is fast approaching so I decided to run to Walmart this afternoon to pick up the things I need for the party.

I didn't want to waste time fixing my hair so I put on a cute knit cap, threw on some funky earrings and headed out the door. I knew I wasn't dressed to impress but I felt all right about this 'running errands' look so I entered Walmart with a bounce in my step and a catchy tune in my head.

I was done my shopping and heading for a check out when a gaggle of teen boys came running into the store and nearly into me. A couple of them apologized and kept walking. When I had past the last teen someone from the middle of the group yelled, "Dude, you almost ran over an old person!"

I turned thinking that they had careened into one of the many seniors shopping in the store. When one kid saw me looking he said, "Dude she heard you!" They were talking about me! Me, in my cute hat and funky earrings. Me, not even halfway through my thirties yet. Me?

Miffed, I shout back, "I'm not old or deaf!"

Stupid teenagers.

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