Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Look Good for an 80 Year-old

This has been a bit of a rough week for me. I have been called an old person, been "ma'am"ed several times and on Saturday I was told that I need reading glasses.

In theory getting glasses is not that traumatic. Millions of people wear them. There are thousands of styles ranging from conservative to big deal right? Wrong! Its the 'reading' part of the glasses that trips me up. Reading glasses are for grannies, librarians and crazy scientists not for thirty-something funky moms.

It probably didn't help the experience that when I went to a drugstore to pick up a pair of glasses I couldn't get near them due to all the seniors perusing the rack. I put off the purchase for a few more days but when my head began to throb yesterday I knew I had to bite the bullet and find a pair of glasses.

I decided to go to a vision care center in town, hoping to find something that wouldn't suddenly age me 50 years. The young girl at the store was very helpful and only called me "ma'am" once. She helped me to find a pair that are contemporary and funky. I was just starting to feel like this possibly wasn't as bad as I thought when she asked, "Would you like to look at our selection of chains?"


"Yes, many of our customers who wear reading glasses find these decorative chains useful in helping them to keep track of their glasses."

That's all I need...a granny chain to keep track of my glasses while my memory fades along with my eyesight. Excuse me now, I have to pluck my chin hairs then I'm off to Bingo with the girls from the Legion.

I need a latte!

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Gerald said...

I think a "granny chain" would look good on you!