Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life Lessons from the Soccer Field

At lunch today...

Me: How was your morning?

Mischief: Great! I played soccer at recess!

Me: That sounds like fun! How'd you do?

Mischief: We scored ten times!

Me: Wow! Your team scored ten goals?!

Mischief: Not my team, WE scored the goals.

Me: We who?

Mischief: All of us

Me: Don't you guys play on teams?

Mischief: Nope.

Me: How do you know who to pass to or who you are playing against?

Mischief: We aren't against, we're for everybody. We pass to whoever we want to, especially if its a kid who hasn't kicked the ball in a while.

Me: What if that kid isn't very good at soccer?

Mischief: That doesn't matter. Its more fair if everyone gets a chance. Besides we can help.

Me: Well, what about cheering?

Mischief: We cheer for everybody.

Me: Even if they don't score?

Mischief: Yep, cause at least they tried.

Me: Is this how your teacher wants you to play?

Mischief: (shrugs) I dunno. Its just how we play.

Life Lesson: Be for everyone and against no one. Include as many as possible, help those who are having a rough time and cheer for everyone...win or lose.

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