Friday, September 24, 2010

More Important than Soccer

If your house is anything like my house its a constant struggle to get the kids to stop bickering and start appreciating each other. I know some squabbling is normal with siblings (I have a sister after all) but the last few weeks of the summer was nothing but fighting and tattling. It was driving me crazy!

Now that everyone is back in school - and mixing with non-family members - the arguing has settled down some but like every parent knows...never let your guard down! Its for that reason that I have spent the last week talking to the kids about appreciation, what it means and how you show it to the people around you. I even gave them examples of how to show appreciation (being helpful, giving hugs, having a good attitude).

I was certain that these morning pep talks were going in one ear and out the other until this afternoon. Usually when I drop Crafty and Mischief off at school after lunch she runs for the swings and he quickly joins the soccer game. Today they hopped out of the van as usual and started to run to their usual spots when all of a sudden Mischief stopped dead in his tracks. He turned to see where Crafty was and then he started running after her.

Honestly, I thought he was going to chase her around to bug her or something but when he caught her he just gave her a hug and then ran off to join his friends. She stood there for a moment and watched him run down the field. She was probably just as stunned and pleased as I was.

As I watched her join her friends (smiling just a little brighter) I said my own prayer of appreciation for this life I have.

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