Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Settled like Wreckage after a Tornado

For the last week or so people have been asking me if we're all settled yet. I have answered honestly - no. While I have been enjoying domestic bliss for the past couple of weeks I have known that the storm was coming.

And today it came.

Today was transition day for Mischief and Crafty. Its the day when you take your offspring to school to meet the teacher, find their desks and receive enough paperwork to kill half a rain forest.

When we arrived home the kids ran inside and I stayed in the yard to pull a few weeds (I gardening?) and set up my scarecrows. When I entered the house I knew that we had suddenly settled in.

I literally could not get in the front door for all the backpacks, shoes, sweaters and papers that were trailing through the front entry, living room, dining room and kitchen. In the short twenty minutes I was outside juice boxes had exploded on the kitchen table, dress up clothes were oozing out of Mischiefs room and down the hall and a Lego battle was taking place up the basement stairs.

I stepped over the chaos and sank into the only chair in the living room, surveyed the mess and sighed.

Yes, we are now wreckage after a tornado.

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