Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Day Dinner Fought Back

Tonight's blog is sponsored by Boundary Trails Health Centre.

My well planned, much anticipated Aussie Meat Pie dinner turned into a two hour trip to the ER. Through a bizarre fluke accident that was in no way my fault I splattered searing hot EVOO (Rachel Ray speak for olive oil) all over the place...including halfway up my arm.

While I ran cold water over my rapidly swelling limb I read out the rest of the recipe to Mr. Awesome, who in all of his awesome splendor pitched in like a champ. I wrapped my arm in a bag of frozen peas and sat down with The Fam to enjoy this yummy yet somewhat dangerous meal.

The decision to go to the hospital came when an hour after the event my arm still felt like it was on fire and bits of skin were beginning to bubble up and turn white.

We loaded up the kids and headed out to the middle of nowhere to the hospital that our town shares with the next town over. After the clerk gets a chuckle out of my 'amateurs should stay out of the kitchen' routine I get to see the doctor. And in true small town fashion it turns out the doctor grew up in the house we now own. He spent as much time chatting about his great memories in that house as he did discussing my arm, which by the way is a first degree burn.

So that's what happened the day dinner fought back.

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