Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Okay...maybe that's a little overly dramatic. How about Unwanted?

Mischief is my baby, my Little Buddy. For the past three years (since Crafty started school) we have been like the Two Amigos, like Cheech & Chong (without the pot) like Toopy and Binoo...we were a team. We shopped, ran errands, hung out at the library and thrifted together. Our days were filled with silly chatter, cuddles and crazy antics. It was hectic, draining, crazy, wonderful, hilarious and over too quick. It was bliss.

This year Mischief is in grade one. He's a big guy. He has decided there is no hand holding, that he can walk himself from the van into the school. He doesn't need me to pick him up at the grade one doors, he'll find me. Yep, he's a big guy. He goes to school all day, has home reading and today, for the first time, is staying at school for lunch. This is the event he has been waiting for. This is the sign of true big guyedness...he is packing a lunch and staying for the long haul.

He was so excited this morning that he could hardly sit still long enough to eat his breakfast. He rushed through brushing his teeth and getting dressed and was standing at the door, lunch bag in hand, fifteen minutes before we had to leave. The whole drive to school he was chatting about how great staying at school all day was going to be and about how cool it was going to be to eat lunch with his new pals.

I barely stopped the van in the drop off loop before he was out of his seat and jumping out of the van. With a quick wave he ran off to join his friends. That's it. Toopy ran off and left Binoo without a second glance. I must admit, I got a little teary as I drove out of the loop. I'm glad he's independent and supremely confident but couldn't the little beggar at least fake a little apprehension for my sake?

I was just about to turn out of the driveway of the school when I noticed a little figure running along the fence. It was Mischief. I rolled down the window as he blew me a kiss and said, "Remember I love you and I'll see you later!"


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