Monday, May 23, 2011

The Why

As a mom, I am asked questions that begin with the word 'why' about a thousand times a day. "Why can't I run along the top of the six foot fence?" "Why do I have to eat that?" "Why is there such a thing as gravity?" Why. why, why?! A million times over the big 'W' comes my way, and what's more, many of these questions are asked first thing in the morning (pre-coffeejuice), when I am in the middle of another task or at bed time, when I am intellectually spent. No matter when the question is asked, we all know that "because" is never a good enough answer.

So today I am turning the tables on those hyper curious wee ones. Today it is my turn to ask the kids a few questions. Today is the day that I get to challenge their knowledge of the universe, their understanding life and beg them for an explanation for the unexplainable. Today I ask, "Why?"

~Why is it that when I ask you if you have homework on Friday evening the answer is 'no' but Monday morning you are in a panic to finish three worksheets are read two books before school starts?

~Why do you beg for time away from your siblings because they are bothering you and then whine that you are bored when you are alone?

~Why is the only time you remember to flush the toilet is when I am in the shower?

~Why was Sloppy Joes your favourite dinner last week but tonight you refuse to eat it?

~Why are you 'so good' at your friend's house but drive me to madness as soon as you get home from the play date?

~Why do you freak out you see a cell bug in the basement but walk around with a jar full of spiders, moths and worms you 'collected' from the garden?

~Why do you sleep in on school days but wake up at 6am on the weekend?



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