Monday, May 30, 2011

The Interview

Today I taped an interview for a local radio station that will be aired in a couple of weeks. While I was explaining what an interview was to the kids, Mischief asked why no one ever wants to interview him. SO here it is ... The Big One, The Catch, The Interview Every Journalist Would Kill For ...

The Random One vs. Dude, Crafty and Mischief ... with a special appearance by Mr. Awesome

RO - What is your name and why?

D - My name is Science Dude because I really like Science and I'm really good at doing science stuff.
C - My name is Crafty because I love doing crafts and I am like my mom.
M - Mischief because sometimes I try stuff and it gets me in trouble but (giggles) I kind of like doing mischiefy kind of things.

RO - If you could choose your name, what would it be?

C - I would still keep Crafty because I like it and it matches with me.
D - Same here!
M - I would choose my name to be Mischief Maxy. I like Mischief all right but I also like the name Max, so I could be both.

RO - If you could give your parents names, what would they be and why?

M - I would think I would name you Laura and Dad Hydro Dude.
D - You would be Mama Crafty and Dad could be Mr. Fun Guy
C - I would call Dad Mr. Fix-it and you could just stay the same.

RO - What's the best thing about being in this Random Family?

D - Its the best that we are part Scottish and part Aboriginal. I've got great parents and I like my siblings.
C - Because everybody is different and we all like doing different things and that's okay.
M - I love my family and we have a castle in Scotland, well not us but people that have our same name ... but they're dead now so that's okay.
Mr. A - Definitely the diversity of characters, its like all the varied colours of the rainbow that make up our family.

RO - What is the worst thing?

D - That my brother and sister are annoying and sometimes disobedient.
M - Myself and sometimes Dude, we can be kind of stinky, so that's probably the worst thing for you girls.
C - My mom thinks she can sing and dance and she thinks she's good at but she's not really.
D - Not to be offensive but I agree.
M - I like it but sometimes I wish I had earplugs.
Mr. A - My answer is the same for this question as the last ... everyone is so different and that's a lot to manage sometimes.

RO - What is the most important thing you know?

M - I think its to be a nice person 'cause I don't want to end up being a bully.
D - I think its that you told me that I have Asperger's Syndrome because some parents don't tell their kids. I'm glad I know.
C - I think being a nice person is important but matching my clothes is important, too. I don't want to go to school looking like a hobo!
Mr. A - Its extremely important, when you are a parent, to be patient and forgiving ... and I am still learning how to do this, everyday.

RO - Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about you?

M - I am the biggest mischief maker and I love playing with Play mobile ... just in case you want to give me a gift sometime and I have Toy Story 3 pajamas.
D - I'm super smart but I ran into a tree when I was chasing the dog. It hurt my hand, not my brain, so I'm fine.
C - I hope you enjoy this blog and whatever. Are we done, now?
Mr. A - I think the readers should know that I am very proud of you (Random One), you have used your voice to, in a peaceful and constructive way, benefit our kids. I love you!

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