Saturday, May 21, 2011

Circle of Moms

Hey pals ... I don't normally blog on the weekends so this one is a bonus, or a freebie, or another form of harassment ... whatever! ;-)

Recently a pal suggested that I enter this blog in a contest. I have been alerted to contests like this one in the past but have shied away from entering for a variety of reasons, mainly because I didn't think I had the following to even place near the top but after nosing around the Circle of Moms website I decided to give it a go. I like the site, the resources and the variety of communities to join and blogs to follow.

The deal is the 25 blogs with the highest number of votes will be featured/listed on their site as 'The Top 25' ... all I need from you fine folks is a vote, once a day, everyday until June8. Pass this along, ask your friends to vote and if you like this blog please click follow on this page, follow me on twitter and like me on Facebook and as always, I love to hear your comments.

I'll be shooting out reminder messages from time to time so please forgive this period of shameless blog promotion!

Vote for me ... because I'm the mom and I said so!

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