Friday, May 13, 2011

The Epitome of Awesome

This will be a short one today because it's Mr. Awesome's birthday and I am spending the day with him.

I love birthdays, not just my birthday but any one's birthday. I love that it is a day for people to celebrate the birthday person, a day when you are flooded with messages of love, appreciation and well wishes. It's a day for all your pals to say, "I'm glad you were born!" So today, I am saying to my best pal ... I am so very glad you were born!

I could write volumes about everything I have learned and all that I have become because of the love, support and partnership of Mr. Awesome. I could go on forever about his passion for our family, his dedication to our relationship and his faithfulness in being a provider. I could rant and rave about his charm, good looks and sense of humour. I could praise him for his generosity and compassion. I could. Seriously, I could go on and on but there is only one thing you ever really need to know about Mr. Awesome.

He loves.

He is a man who understands the value of loving. He loves his family, his friends and random people who cross his path. He sees worth and treasure inside people others would cast aside because he loves. He will go out of his way to help out, give or volunteer because he loves. He is faithful and fair, he is inclusive and accepting, he has an open mind and open arms because he loves. He is protective, strong and he won't back down because he loves. He stands strong on his principles, holds tight to his faith and strives to live what he believes because he loves. He is fearless, strong and confident because he loves. He is all that is awesome in my world because he loves.
Happy birthday to my love, Mr. Awesome!

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