Saturday, August 13, 2011

Urban Princess - The Essentials of Autumn 2011

Ok, it’s called autumn, not fall…. (only because it sounds more poetic)

And yes, I know its 30 degrees outside right now and I have no right to bring you down with talk of autumn, but I can see the signs of the change in season all around me (in particular, on my computer as I waste time at work on Pinterest…but shhhh! Don’t tell my boss…)

Planning the perfect autumn wardrobe is an exciting one for me. Boots. Scarves. Sweaters and all the fun stuff in between. I’m noticing my closet is lacking and in need of a serious upgrade so here is a list of things I need to add to the wardrobe this autumn to step it up a notch.

1. Boots! The higher on the leg the better. I’m not talking patent-leather-thigh-high-swing-me-around-a-pole boots, but nice, well heeled knee boots. And I’m thinking suede….

Which brings me to

2. SUEDE! Suede screams to me! Be it brown, black or green, suede is a hot trend for autumn and a bandwagon I will jump on with both feet.

3. A great hat. I bought a felt cloche last winter and love it and have a couple fedoras in my collection (and a beret or two). Oh the fun. I LOVE HATS! I’m debating on getting a big floppy felt hat a la Jennifer Lopez.

4. A good pair of jeans. Here’s the thing though…you don’t have to spend a ton of $$$$ to get a good pair of jeans. Honestly. I love GAP long and lean jeans but only buy them when they’re on sale (and that’s rarely). I usually end up getting my jeans at – wait for it – REITMANS! Yes, Reitman’s! They fit fabulously, are just the right length and always look good! Be it trouser style, boot cut or skinny I swear by their denim. Soooo good!

5. Cardi’s and ruffles. I’m not the smallest person, so when it comes to ruffles I have to be careful, but I think it’s a trend I may try to venture in to. The key is to keep it mature. Ruffled pants are a no-no, but a beautiful sheer top with a few ruffles can be grown up when paired with tweed pants and cardigan.

6. Tweed! Seeing as though I work in a denim-free environment (not by my choice!) I think this will be the next work wardrobe purchase. I have some tweed pants that no longer fit (thanks pregnancy leftovers!), so the hunt is on. Grey tweed will generally go with everything, but I have some fab brown boots that I would like to pair with something and I think brown tweed pants (LINED!) would be a fantastic addition.

7. Don’t forget the little things. Accessories can make or break an outfit. I always remember Coco Chanel’s words when I’m getting dressed ‘Always remove one piece of jewelry before you leave the house’. What she’s basically saying is don’t over accessorize! If you’re wearing great earrings, don’t wear a necklace and bracelets and a bunch of rings too. You don’t put Christmas decorations on every branch of your Christmas tree, so why would you hang baubles off every available appendage on yourself?? Keep it clean, simple and ladylike. Chunky necklaces have their place, but if you’re wearing it, don’t pair with a busy shirt and huge earrings. You want people to notice you, not everything you’ve draped all over yourself. And don’t forget your nails! If you’re not into the Mani/Pedi thing, keeping them short and buffed is a great both professional and timeless style.

That being said, have fun with Autumnal dressing (ooooh…even more poetic!)

P.S. - Men, can you please stop it with the scarves, skinny jeans and dark rimmed glasses? You’re not fooling anyone. We know how old you are, you don’t work in a bookstore, and you’re trying to hard to be hip. Be classic. I’d rather have a guy in well fit jeans and a t-shirt than some dude who looks like he walked out of an advertisement in A&F. Men, dress like men, leave the scarves and the glasses to the teenagers….

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
~Mark Twain

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