Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Blogger - Cat Connor

I 'met' Cat Connor ages ago through an online writer's group we both belong to. I love her wit, her humour, her huge heart and creepy dark side; nobody wracks up the literary body count the way Cat does! I have reviewed Cat's books here before but if you want more of Cat (and really, who doesn't?) be sure to check out her blog I See You  and if you are looking for a great summer read or two check out her 'Byte books(Killerbyte, Terrorbyte and Exacerbyte) featuring FBI agent Ellie Conway.

Kia ora,

Every bugger can say hello or howdy… but only New Zealander’s say kia ora.

That was your first clue as to where I’m from! (I’m so sneaky.)

Anyway, I’m Cat Connor mother of millions – okay 7 but some days it truly feels like millions, and thriller author. I lurk around this blog, reading, giggling and enjoying the thoughts of my awesome friend Some Random Mother. Which meant when I was asked to guest post, I jumped at the chance.

My work day is slotted around our youngest kids Squealer, 12 and Breezy, 5. The Boy Wonder features too, he’ll be 20 by the time you read this. He lives at home and works full time. This is his gap year. The Boy Wonder is also a God send when it comes to his little sisters. (Babysitter extraordinaire) And then there is the husband, Action Man. (I am fully surrounded by super heroes, it’s as it should be.)

Parenting down here at the bottom of the world is not much different to parenting up there where you are. If it wasn’t for the internet, I think I would’ve lost the plot years ago. You see, without the internet I would never have ‘met’ other parents with interesting kids. Interesting is our code word for Squealer’s specialness. She has ADD, Generalized Anxiety disorder – yes, she was born with it. Sensory Processing disorder and ASD traits. Which all confused people for years because everything combined LOOKS like Aspergers, but it isn’t, only some of it is. She also has several medical conditions, which means she can’t do stuff like other kids. All this makes it quite difficult for Squealer at times.

With our other kids, if I said green milk came from green cows they would laugh. Squealer, well, she squeals hysterically, about how that’s not true. Her world is not like ours.

Recently, we adopted a Greyhound, from Greyhounds as Pets here in New Zealand. Romeo has bought a level of calm to Squealer that she lacked. But more than that, he trusts her and she is able to walk him. Seriously, it’s like walking a horse… our boy is TALL. Squealer is good with horses. (She has an affinity with large animals.) Her confidence is improving, her self esteem is improving. When we got Romeo, Irene at the GAP kennels told me he was a Jesus dog, because he was so perfect and that he was without a doubt the dog for us. We think she was right. Everyone who meets him loves him.

So, now I’m a mother, wife, author, and Greyhound pack leader – life is awesome!

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