Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Undeniable Truths of Summer Break

As Summer Break draws to a close I have learned a few undeniable truths about kids and summer and survival ... Can you identify?

1.   You can schedule twelve hours of activities for six consecutive days for the kids but when you take the seventh day off as a home day they will whine about how 'Its so boring' and 'We never do anything fun!'

2.   You can spend an hour setting up the sprinkler, finding towels and bathing suits and slathering sunscreen on the kids and they will still only spend 10 minutes playing in the water before they get cold and hungry and want to do a craft/watch a movie/go to the park...

3.   The kids will never remember that you said Wednesday is room cleaning day but they will always remember that Thursday is ice cream day.

4.   9 out of 10 times, at their insistence,  you will drag every inflatable beach toy, sand toy and water gun the kids own down to the beach and they will play with rocks and sticks instead.

5.   Letting the kids stay up late so they will sleep in the next day never works ... they will still wake up early the next morning and they will be grouchy to boot!

6.   At some point in mid July you will start to pass summer grime on your kids feet off as a suntan.

7.   At some point in late July a run through the sprinkler or a dip in the lake will pass for a bath/shower for your kids.

8.   The same stack of books you wanted to read in June will still be there in September ... waiting to be read.

9.   It is an unreasonable expectation to think a six year old boy will voluntarily wear underwear during the summer months.

10.   As desperate as you are for school to start so the fighting and whining will stop, you will still feel a little sad to turn the calendar over to September.

Thanks kids for the great summer of beach days, long walks, movie marathons, storytelling, tree climbing, backyard adventures, silly antics, laughs and memories ... let's do it again next year ... same place, same time!

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever

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Louise said...

So true!!!! Love it!