Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snapshot Memories

As a mom, some days can feel endless and yet at the same time it can feel like time is rushing along at the speed of light. In the moment, the daily routine of 'being a mom' can be frustrating and exhausting but the journey of motherhood is beautiful and precious. I know that all the little moments that drive me nuts now are the same moments that I will miss as my kids grow up; it's happening already.

On the wall behind my computer screen I have a large collage of pictures of my kids. Its a random sea of some of my favourite shots from over the years, pictures that capture special moments or personality quirks. I love looking up and seeing two-year old Mischief drinking out of my Tim Horton's cup and Baby Crafty biting her toes and four year old Dude wearing an giant inflatable football helmet. These pictures keep me from losing my mind some days.

Seriously, these pictures and memories remind me how quickly time flies and how I need to Carpe Diem, seize the day, intentionally remember my life, moment by moment. Dude is nearly 11 years old and I would trade a month restful sleeps to have one night with my infant baby boy snuggled in my arms as we watched the sun come up together. I look at Crafty and marvel that this smart, witty and beautiful 8 year old is the same girl who wrapped herself in my scarves and destroyed three tubes of lipstick when she was two in an effort to 'be fancy' and every night when I tuck Mischief in I have to remind myself this grimy, busy, nutty little boy is the baby who used to laugh in his sleep almost every night.

When Dude was born, my aunt showed up at the hospital with magazines, gum and one piece of advice, "Remember him like this. Life will get busy and some days you'll feel overwhelmed and frustrated but remember him, even on those days because they will be gone before you know it." Although, I didn't get it then I listened to her and I have taken mental snapshots, intentionally made a memory, of my kids often.

I remember what their smiles looked like when they were missing teeth, the feel of their baby hands touching my face and the sound of their giggles as they play and scheme and dream together. And every day, when I wrap my arms around them and kiss their soft cheeks, I promise myself I will remember, I will remember, I will remember .

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mns said...

This is so sweet! I too work hard to lock memories away like this.