Friday, February 25, 2011

Party Like Its ...

It's my birthday! Well, not today but soon and I am very excited! About this time last year I was having some kind of mental and emotional break. I was pretty depressed that my life had not turned out the way I had planned when I was 18. I did not finish university with a degree in journalism. I did not travel the world as a freelance reporter. I did not settle down as a local reporter/columnist once I decided to have kids. I did not have several books published or win any literary awards. I did not live in my dream home with a housekeeper and a cook. I did not, I did not, I did not...

What a sucky way of looking at life!
I was so focused on the things that I perceived that had not gone right that I was missing all of the rightness that I was standing in the middle of. Not so this year. I am celebrating every good thing in my life and looking with joy at the future. I am remembering times of heart break and triumph and realizing that all those moments have taught me, have made me into the person I am. I am embracing the challenges in life as gifts and opportunities for personal growth. And I am breathing in the sweetness of being loved by my people.

*Cue the old nun singing Climb Every Mountain*

Seriously, life is still crazy busy, chaotic and messy but its mine and I am here to live it, to experience it and to enjoy it! Thanks for popping by everyday day to read about this random mom and her wacky life. Thanks for sticking with me, supporting me, encouraging me, laughing with me and sometimes at are a pal and I think you are awesome!

Click play, stand up and party with me like its 1976!

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