Thursday, February 24, 2011

Child of the 70s/80s

Its the month of Nic-o-rama and as my birthday approaches I've been thinking a lot about the things of my childhood. I have a lot of happy memories of playing with my cousins, sleeping over at my grandparents' house and playing, spending hours and hours just playing. All of these memories have made me a bit nostalgic for some of my favourite things from my childhood.

I used to love running around with my cousins, playing statue or TV Tag, shouting out names like Rocket Robin Hood, Who's the Boss and Fraggle Rock. On rainy days we would curl up on my grandparents' red brocade couch in their living room  and watch Bugs Bunny and The Tom and Jerry Show. I remember commercials with the Koolaid man and Hubba Bubba and TootsiePops. We played with our Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids (her name was Rosie Fiona and she was a '3') and Care Bears (I had Love-a-Lot).
I loved the lessons I learned from Sesame Street, The Friendly Giant and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I remember when Snuffy was still Big Bird's imaginary friend, when Mr. Hooper died and all the times I would imagine myself sitting in the rocking chair and looking up, waaaay up.

Being a child of the late 70s and early 80s rocked. It was the era of Lite Brite, Slinkys and the Etch-a-Sketch. In the evenings we could sit down as a family and watch Little House on the Prairie, The Littlest Hobo and Punky Brewster. We played Hungry Hippo, Twister and IQ 2000. We watched ET, Gremlins and Goonies on the big screen and we danced to Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Physical by Olivia Newton-John and Fame by Irene Cara. We were groovy, solid, hip and far out. Can you dig it, good buddy?

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