Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It Must be Genetic

My mom had this condition when I was a kid, maybe it was a syndrome, it might have even been a disease. I don't know for sure but whatever it was I think I have it, caught it, could I have been born with it? Most of my aunts seemed to suffer from it at least occasionally and I see symptoms in some of my cousins. I don't recall my grandmother having it but then again I was her grand kid and might have missed the signs. Anyway, I have it for sure ... just ask my kids.

I'm a Mean Mom.

I know my mom had it for sure because when I was a kid I had to clean my room instead of playing with my friends, I had to go to bed at my regular bedtime even during the summer when the sun was still shining, I couldn't eat candy for breakfast or run wild through the neighborhood without supervision. She was mean, very, very mean. And according to my kids, I am mean, too.

They haven't said it but I can tell they think it, especially this week. I won't let them play outside in the -36C windchill, they can't eat sugary cereal for breakfast after spending the night in the bathroom throwing up, they have to wear their snow pants AND boots to school even though some of the other kids are wearing runners and homework still has to be done before they can watch TV ... just like last week. I also won't let them walk to school by themselves, miss school because they 'just don't feel like being there,' or trade their fruit for chips in their lunches.

Clearly, I have the same condition that my mother had when I was a kid. I don't think there is any treatment or medicine for it. If I remember correctly I just had to wait it out. As time passed, and I got older, the symptoms lessened and my mom got better. She seemed less mean, and in fact, she actually seemed to get smarter during her recovery. Things she said made sense, she had some good advice and I benefited greatly from her input. It was remarkable, actually.

I hope my kids have the patience to wait it out with me and hopefully I too will become wise in their eyes ... once I recover, that is.

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