Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Notes

On Valentine's Day each of the kids decorated a paper bag to use as a mailbox then we all spent about an hour writing notes and drawing pictures for each other. Yesterday I organised the notes and clipped them together so each kid would have a little booklet of love notes from their family and I left them on the table for them to find at breakfast this morning.

They were delighted with their discoveries and quickly flipped through their booklets admiring the kind words and thoughtful pictures. As they settled into their breakfast they continued to look through their books and chat about the contents. Here's some of what I heard ...

Crafty reading to Mischief - Mom wrote that she likes how you think of others
Mischief - That's nice. She probably wrote that because I tried to help Drew clean up after he puked all over the place at lunch. I was thinking nobody wants to smell that while they are trying to eat.
Crafty - That is thoughtful ... and disgusting!

Dude - What's this picture of?
Mischief - That's you hugging me.
Dude - Oh, I thought it was of me sitting on you.
Mischief - It could be that too I guess 'cause you do that too.
Dude - Yeah, but only because I love you.
Mischief - I'll try to remember that's why the next time you do it.
Dude - I'll remind you

Crafty - You wrote that you like that I'm Artsy. Thanks.
Dude - You're welcome. Artsy Fartsy.
Crafty - What?
Dude - You're Artsy and I'm Fartsy, we're Artsy Fartsy.
Crafty - Yeah, I could have wrote that in a love note.
Mischief - But then it would have stinked!
All laughing hysterically

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

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