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Urban Princess - Swimsuits 101

Today I am very excited to launch our first foray into guest blogging. Meet The Urban Princess ...
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It's that season again...

The time of year that those with the hot young bodies flaunt their wares at any and all moderately warm to sweltering events. And those of us with not so tight and not so young bodies hide in the shade...and sweat and curse and give the evil eye to the young 18yr olds who haven't been touched by the cellulite fairy nor have they had the 'beautiful' experience of breastfeeding and are now left with 2 saggy water balloons where her perky boobies used to be...

Feel my pain ladies???

Well, it’s a necessary evil. We all need to go bathing suit shopping at some point in our adult lives, and my first foray into the post baby spandex jungle came a few weeks ago. It was our anniversary and the hubs and I had decided to stay at a beautiful spa with not one, but 2 pools...which meant yes, I needed to get a new bathing suit. I quickly skipped lunch ran out to the mall one day at work and tried on a few suits. Clearly, I would have to skip a few more lunches in order to be happy with what I saw in the mirror (just kidding!).

After coming back to work dejected and suffering from bathing suit depression I decided that this year I was going to treat myself to a GOOD suit. One that lifted where I needed lifting, smoothed out the bumps and generally was not something to settle for. What I found was a plethora of very expensive swimwear that either a) had no under wire (a prerequisite for those of us with larger ladies!) and b) was not flattering whatsoever! So I laid down a few ground rules for myself:

a) Apply self tanner BEFORE going swimsuit shopping. The lighting in those rooms is so horrible that having a bit of a glow going in will make you feel a bit better (and make you look more toned). Now if only they could make a self tanner with a firming agent and a sunscreen already built in....

b) Read the labels. Know your body and be honest with yourself. If you want it to slim your tummy, don't go trying on the one that doesn't have any support there! I don't care how cute it is!

c) Don't look at the price tag BEFORE you try it on. If you love it, it makes you look amazing, then its worth it. Or do what I did with one suit; take a picture of the tag (so you get the style name and number) and go see how much it is on ebay. I fell in love with a suit that was $189 and found it on ebay for $50! BRAND NEW! (it was too late to order it though, wouldn't have got here in time for the vacay).

d) When in doubt, take an HONEST friend. My sister is the person I take along with me when I need a final decision on something. I know she will be brutally honest with me and tell me if it makes me look fantastic, I can do better or help me decide between 2 equally fabulous suits.

All that being said, this is the pic of the suit I got. It was regular $90, but I got it on sale for $49. Its got all the slimming, supportive features I wanted and its CUTE too! Kinda retro/Marilyn Monroe inspired. And best thing of all, I LOVE IT!

*Jantzen one-piece Surplice Suit available at Sears

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