Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life from the Inside

Sometimes, while I am busy about my work, advocating for Dude I wonder, "Does he even want this?" "When he is an adult will he resent me, this blog and all I have shared about our life and our struggle?"  "Am I really doing what is best for him and not just what is best for kids like him?" I also wonder what he thinks about Autism, what he will think as he gets older. I wonder if he will feel like I have pushed him into being some kind of poster child or spokesperson.

Dude and I often talk about to whom and what we share about our life. He knows I write about him, about us, and meet with other families of kids with needs to help them get what they need from the school system, too. He is aware that I use our life as an example of what to do and what not to do, sometimes. So,every now and then I ask him if he's still okay with me talking about what Autism means to our family and what it specifically means to him, just to be sure. He says he is but I still worry sometimes.

Earlier this year, John Elder Robison, author of Look Me in the Eye and Be Different, and an adult with Autism wrote about his beliefs about Autism. Please take a minute to hop on over to his blog. I found this post, and many of his articles, very insightful. It really is a glimpse into the mind of someone living, and succeeding, with ASD.

Look Me in the Eye ~ Beliefs About Autism

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