Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dad Life

When I met Mr. Awesome, I had no idea what kind of dad he would be. I don't think the thought even crossed my mind until I was twelve hours into a very un-fun labour with Dude. I can remember thinking in my pain riddled delirium, "I hope Mr. Awesome is going to be a good dad because I don't want anything to do with this kid when this is all over, we haven't even met yet and already I'm not very fond of him!"

Back then, before kids, Mr. Awesome was a philosophical, outdoorsy guy with long hair, wool socks and an extensive wardrobe of jeans and sweatshirts. He winter camped, hiked the backwoods and cycled around England for kicks. He was funny, thoughtful, friendly and entirely independent and I loved all those things about him.

Now, with independence and spontaneity gone the way of the dinosaurs, with nothing but kids, homework, housework, home repair and budget balancing filling our 'free time' I sometimes look at him and wonder, "What did I do to this guy?!" I can't remember the last time he hiked or broke out a pair of wool socks. His hair is gone and so are his carefree days of packing up for a weekend of solitary and serene trail wandering. I genuinely feel bad for the guy sometimes.

And just when I am feeling like I ruined him with this crazy life of kids, responsibilities and commitments he does or says something that reminds me that this, all of this, is the life he chose. He gladly traded in his backpack for a diaper bag and gave up a life of wilderness exploration for a life of pushing strollers, installing car seats and holding wee hands. He cherishes the sticky hugs, the chaos that erupts each time he walks through the door and the begging for 'just five more minutes' of playtime with him. This life of science projects, Barbie playing and Lego building, the evenings of playing ball, building snow forts and home reading, the early morning bagel runs, the late night popcorn parties and all the silly, crazy, loving moments in between ... this is the life he dreamed of, The Dad Life!

I found this video on Youtube, its from a church in Tulsa ... the Dad Life may not be glamorous but it is full of unbelievable perks! Watch, enjoy and celebrate the dads in your life this weekend!

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

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