Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today is a Good Good Day

Today is the day I have been waiting for, longing for, dreaming of. Today the kids went back to school!

We had a lot of fun over Christmas break and I certainly enjoyed the sleep-ins, lazy days and random weirdness of Dude, Crafty and Mischief but I am also thoroughly enjoying these solitary hours. I did normal things this morning without refereeing, bribing or yelling. I went grocery shopping, browsed through a bookstore and got myself a cup of coffee. I tidied the kitchen and living room and now, an hour later, they are both still clean!

And despite their protests I know that the kids are all glad to be back at school, too...mostly.

Crafty and Mischief need NEED to be with other people. Mischief needs to run and jump and talk and talk and talk to someone other than his sister and poor Crafty needs to be a girl. She needs to chat about girly things, do crafts and play with dolls (without the doll being in constant mortal peril of kidnapping and death by NERF firing squad). They need to interact with people who are not related to them.

I have been working on a theory for a while, let me know what you think. After watching my kids interact with each other, with very little input or stimulation from the outside word (over holidays and school breaks), I am sure there is such a thing as Sibling Interaction Mental Defect Syndrome (SIMDS). Its the warping of humor and increase of general weirdness when people who are closely related spend copious amounts of time together.

Think about the things you did and the conversations you had with your own siblings when you were a kid, think about the strange antics your kids get up to when left with little supervision or outside interaction. You'll see, I'm right.

Anyway, all theories aside, I'm just glad that school is back in session and that my house is calm and least until 4pm ;-)

Sip, sip, silence...ahhh!

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mns said...

my brother and I still fall into that weird sibling thing when we're together! Makes our spouses a little crazy, because we even have a different way of talking to eachother (no, not a secret language or anything). So much fun! : )