Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since becoming a parent almost eleven years ago I have had thousands of kiddie conversations. A lot of those conversations are the type you expect to have with kids, conversations about how the world works and their observations on life, but every now and then I am caught off guard by conversations I never would have imagined I would have. Here are some of the highlights...

Me with Crafty, age 4

Me - (upon opening the fridge door) Why is there a hat on last night's leftovers?

Crafty - Because you said it was chilly.

Me  - Yes, its Chili, the kind you eat

Crafty - I thought you meant cold, in that case (walks to the fridge, plucks the pink fuzzy hat off the bowl and walks out of the kitchen with more dignity than you would think a four year old could muster)

Me with Dude, age 9

Dude - In a battle, who do you think would win, Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) or Dumbledore (Harry Potter)?

Me - Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White?

Dude - both

Me - Dumbledore could beat the Grey but I think the White might be more difficult to defeat.

Dude - That's what I thought.

Me with Mischief, age 5

Mischief - I think I'd like to live in a zoo.

Me - Why?

Mischief - Because you get to be outside and there's always lots of kids around and I wouldn't have any chores or anything.

Me - If you lived at the zoo they would probably give you some chores to do. Jamie works there and she has lots of chores.

Mischief - Jamie is a human, of course they make her do work.

Me - You're a human, too

Mischief - You're silly, Mom! I wouldn't be a human if I lived at the zoo. I'd be a monkey or a prairie dog, of course. (walking out of the room, laughing) Humans don't live at the zoo, silly, silly mom.

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