Friday, January 14, 2011

Rules of the Blogosphere

This rant has been a long time coming…it started as a slow boil and now, well it’s a raging volcanic explosion. Since I have started blogging, and even before, I would receive links and messages to check out blogs by other writers. No problem, I’ll take a look but let me law down my rules to blogging.

1. No Rage-a-holics Allowed

No one wants to log on and hear about how crappy your life is, what a moron your ex is or how mean your family is. No one wants to spend what precious few minutes they have to waste blog-hoping by reading a rage filled rant (this one excluded as it is for educational purposes).

2. We don’t care!

We don’t care if you can’t decide what to have for dinner tonight, what colour nail polish is on your toes or that you got your head stuck in the microwave…unless you are funny. Not funny strange either, if you have genuine wit, go ahead and entertain us with the everyday stuff but here’s a tip, if you are bored writing your blog people will be bored reading it.

3. Not everyone is a natural born blogger

In fact very few people are. I have a lot of friends who are published authors and they struggle with their blogs, especially if their plan is to have a daily blog. Its tough coming up with fresh ideas and funny anecdotes every day. Just because everyone else has a blog doesn’t mean you have to have one.

4. Know Your Audience

So, you are determined to have a blog. Great, go ahead and write away, but before you start ask yourself one question. Who am I writing for? If you are writing for yourself, meaning you have thoughts and feelings you just have to get out, buy yourself a journal. Seriously, if you start sharing your most personal thoughts and feelings on the Internet you will one day regret it.

If you are writing for friends and family then fill your blog with pictures of your kids and cute anecdotes. Used this way a blog can be a wonderful tool to keep relatives that don’t see your family often in the loop about what’s going on in your world.

If your goal is to become the next Internet blogging sensation then its time to take an honest look at your writing skill level, your knowledge base and your personal brand (what’s your niche and how are you going to sell yourself)

These are my basic rules to not being a Blog Moron. Here a few links to blogs I enjoy…

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A new blog about everything and anything that pops into the writer's head - (for this one you need to scroll down and click on Adrienne's Blog)

**I am appalled that I forgot to inlcude the one of my very favourite blogs! Sorry Cat! This one is full of wit, charm, writing and real life...she's a groovy chick and her blog is a must read!

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