Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not the Same As

Thoughts on Privacy...
~Kicking my bedroom door open is not the same as knocking and waiting to be told you may enter.
~Yelling that you want privacy from the toilet is not the same as closing the door while you do your thing.
~Walking into the bathroom with your eyes shut to talk to me while I'm in the shower is not the same as waiting until I'm done, dressed and ready to talk

Thoughts on Mealtimes...
~Making faces in response to finding out what's for dinner is not the same as not complaining
~Whispering about your burp, booger or fart is not the same as not doing those things at the table
~Only falling out of your chair a couple of times during the meal is not the same as not messing around at the table

Thoughts on Cleaning...
~Shoving your coat on the floor of the closet and then forcing the closet doors shut is not the same as hanging up your coat
~Pushing all of your earthly possessions under your bed is not the same as cleaning your room
~Nudging candy wrappers under the couch is not the same as putting your garbage away after your snack

Thoughts on Hygiene...
~Sniffing your t-shirt and deciding its clean enough for one more day is not the same as putting on clean clothes
~Wiping your nose on your sleeve, the couch or your sister's hair is not the same as using a Kleenex
~Walking by a sink is not the same as washing your hands and face

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones


mns said...

I'm guessing this is about the children, but I got a giggle when I pretended it was about your hubby... no offense to the dear man! : )

Some Random Mother said...

lol...there are few I could put in there about him but because he's been really Mr. Awesome this week I decided not to pick on ;-)

Chris Jordan said...

I enjoyed reading this latest offering, and many of the comments reminded me of my own kids... too funny! I may not comment all the time, but I do enjoy reading your blog. You are a great writer, and I love your use of humour. Keep writing!