Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inspired to Finish?

Inspire - to serve as the enticing cause, to urge or or encourage, to fill with revolutionary ideas

Folks who know me know that I am very easily inspired. I read Anne of Green Gables and wanted to be a red headed orphan, I watched 'Rudy' and I wanted to play football for Notre Dame, I have a thought and I immediately write a story synopsis. Some days I can have a new 'inspiration' every two minutes...just ask Mr. Awesome. He loves it when I start a conversation with, "I have this idea..."

But being 'inspired' to start something isn't enough, is it? Not if you are trying to write a novel, that's for sure.

Just over a year ago I started writing a novel, a sort of Bridget-Jones-for-the-Mommy-set. I was so inspired when I started that I was easily writing 3,000 words every afternoon. The story was coming so easily and the words just flowed ... I was inspired.

Then I hit a bump on Inspiration Highway and so matter how I tried to write around it I could move past it smoothly, so I detoured. I skipped ahead in the story and kept writing but I had lost my sense of direction, my groove, so I quit. I was uninspired and things got tough and I was frustrated ... so I quit.

I am a quitter.

But I plan to change that. This month, November, is Nanowrimo. Its National Novel Writing Month. This is a little boost that we pre-professional writers often use to jump start our projects. I have started Nano several times but I have never finished. This year that will change. This year I will write 50,000 words and finish the first draft of my novel. This year I won't be a quitter. This year I am inspired to finish!

Feel free to ask, harass and hound me about my word count all month. Right now I'm at 21,000 by November 30 I plan to be at 70,000. Help me!

No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.
~Master Yoda

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mns said...

Thought of you a couple weeks ago when I came across a recipe for "Writer's Block Cookies". Do you think they might help? Let me know, and I can email you the recipe. :)

p.s. how many words have you added today?