Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crazy Cat-isms

No, this is not a post about cats ... I haven't completely lost my mind.

Cat with Bono ... seriously!
This is a post about my pal, Cat. Actually, I stole her. She was my sister's pal first but once I met this crazy gal I couldn't get enough! Cat is funny and random and quirky ... all the best things in life, really. She stalks celebrities and makes them fall in love with her, she lives life with over flowing joy and where ever she goes that's where the party is.

Over the past couple of months I have had some tough moments, times where I lost my 'funny' and optimism, times when I have felt completely drained and without fail all I've needed to do is click on to Cat's Facebook page and suddenly I am laughing. My day seems a little bit brighter and the world is, once again, the crazy, silly place I love when seen through Cat's unique perspective.

I have felt a little selfish, keeping Cat to myself (and the 400 other FB friends she has) so here she is, or at least a sampling of some of her wonderful randomness from the past couple of weeks.

*Just found leftover Christmas baking from 2yrs ago in the downstairs freezer. That's gonna save me HEAPS of time in the kitchen this holiday season!

*I have no idea how eBay works, but I have 7 min and 42 seconds to figure it out.....

*Trying to reason with a 3yr old is like trying to blow out a lightbulb.

*Finders keepers, losers wear their pants low and saggy with their Fruit of the Looms showing.

*When it states on the back of a Windex bottle "do not ingest", do you think they mean "a lot"? Or "at all"? (anyone know how to get Windex out of coffee?)

*I wonder how many times that Da Vinci guy had to paint that picture of Mona Lisa to capture one of her where she wasn't blinking.

*My daughter's been making up some weird names for her imaginary friends lately (Siffra, Fjaril) - sounds like she's reading an Ikea catalogue
*Forever 21 sounds like a store for vampires.

*Nothing scarier than waking up in the middle of the night to pee and forgetting you had beets for supper. Well, maybe except having that thing from the Alien movie break out of your chest cavity. The beet thing would be a close second.
Laughter is an instant vacation. ~Milton Berle


Donovan Yaciuk said...

Take it from me, her husband, she's a RIOT! More gold can be found by following her on Twitter!!/catfysh

Jodi said...

I TOTALLY Agree! Cats FB status' make me laugh and want to be her! She is awesome and under contract with me to find where Mr. Rod Stewart will be the next time he is in town so I can be his number one stalker!