Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While Mother's Away...

Its halfway through the summer and I feel as though I am just starting to find my way back to myself. By the end of June I was fried. Although it was a really good school year and I really enjoyed the projects I had worked on, I was just done, finished, spent. I was done with teachers and meetings and planning but mostly I was done with thinking and caring. I had drained my emotional bank and I was so done. All I had left was a pulse and oatmeal brain ... not a lot to work with, really.

For the first couple weeks of Summer Break I indulged in lazy mornings, crossword puzzles and fluff TV. I did crafts with the kids, watched every Harry Potter movie there is and read four books just for fun. I intentionally did not read the newspapers, watch CNN or even read my regular blogs and parenting forums. Honestly, I knew that if I saw something, read something, that mattered I would have to care and at that point I didn't think I had it in me.

I checked out for three glorious weeks and although I needed the break my writing suffered for it. Regular readers of this blog may have noticed a distinct drop in passion and creativity in my writing for the last few weeks. As I read over my posts from earlier this month I was sad that my writing had become so sad and lifeless. I had already booked a couple of weeks of vacation but I had planned to prewrite for the period of time that I would be away but one look at those posts changed my mind. I need to step away so I can refresh and recharge properly.

Starting tomorrow I will be on vacation and you all will be in for a real treat. I have lined up some of the best and the brightest pals I know to guest blog for me while I get a little R & R with the family. My pals will be writing about who they are, what they are passionate about and life as they see it. I am so excited for this opportunity to show off that talents of some of the best people I know. So while I am hiding from the sun in a cabin full of relatives and animals please stop by and enjoy these little bits of word candy from Rachel, Cat, John and Nelson.

I hope you're enjoying your summer and I'll see you all back here on August 8th!

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