Friday, July 15, 2011

Running Free and Flipping Out

Last week when we were at the park another mom was watching Mischief run and flip and jump from play structure to play structure. She could not get over how fearless he was and commented that she might be looking at the next Freerunning Superstar.

I had heard of free running before but I wasn't exactly sure what it was so I went home and googled. What I found astonished and terrified me. These crazy kids jumped from building to building, doing back flips, inverted spirals and handstands. They jumped from buildings to cars from statures to stairs, down railings, over benches and bike racks ... it was absolutely incredible what they were capable of.

I found several videos that featured one guy named Ryan Doyle. He has won many competitions and now runs a business that trains aspiring urban artists. I like how he has trained in martial arts, gymnastics and break dancing. He is deliberate and calculated in his movements and although he suffered a traumatic injury a number of years ago he kept going. Ryan Doyle got better, stronger and more focused in his art. I also like how he clearly does not take himself too seriously.

Here's a video of Ryan Doyle Free Running at a park. What I like about this video is that it includes the outtakes because not even the professionals are perfect!

I don't know if Mischief will grow up to be a Free runner, stuntman or guinea pig hunter but whatever he does I know he will do it will passion and dedication. He will have fun and seek adventure. He will push himself physically and mentally and no matter how hard it is, he will keep trying until he gets it because that's the kind of kid he is. He will laugh and love and live his life to the extremes because to him, every new day is a chance to scheme and dream and try new things. Every day is a whole adventure on its own, just waiting to be discovered.
Remeber, the world is our playground ... so have fun!
~Ryan Doyle

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