Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not Forgotten

 Our family has supported Watoto Ministries for several years. We have a sponsor child and have donated towards their many projects. We love their philosophy and their motto. They believe in Rescuing, Raising and Rebuilding the next generation of Ugandan leaders. They provide children in need with new homes, schools and medical care; but more than only meeting physical needs Watoto gives these kids love, hope and a bright future.

The last time the Watoto Choir visited our church Dude saw the video about child soldiers. Anyone who knows Dude knows that he LOVES the military. He is proud that his grandfathers were soldiers and he often plays 'war' with his neighborhood pals but seeing that war, for some children, is not imaginary play left an impression on him. In the months since seeing that video he has asked a lot of questions and has come to understand that it is important to care and to help these children how we can.

Here's the details on this project from Dude ...

Project Gulu is a program about kids that were soldiers and Watoto rescued them, gave them a school, a family, a home. These kids had to do very nasty things, some of them might have had to kill their own family and friends but now some of those kids have a great life. They have everything that every other kid has.

I chose this project because I want to help these kids to have a better life. Its really horrible what people did to these kids and I think that they should have a chance to feel good and just be regular kids. They might think that nobody loves them but that's not true, God loves them and so do I. They are not forgotten. I want them to know that.

To help raise money I am making necklaces with the names of rescued kids on them because I want everyone to know that these kids are real people. This is not fiction. I am also going to sell some of my toys and later this summer we are going to have some other kind of fundraiser. Please help me to help these kids get better and live a good life.
For more information on Watoto and their projects please visit their website or click on this link for Project Gulu

More than 20, 000 have been abducted and forced to serve as child soldiers in Uganda.
~UNICEF 2008

I am not forgotten, God knows my name.
~The Children of Watoto

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