Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweet Procrastination

Since today is about five degrees hotter than hell I have decided to spend the day hiding in the basement. Under the guise of being productive I have locked myself in the storage room to sort through some boxes from our move. I have been putting off these last few boxes because ... well, I don't really have a good reason. I just have a strong tendency to procrastinate but I have decided that today is the day that will change!

Last summer when we moved, I was an unpacking machine. Our garage was full of boxes and my mission was to have the garage cleared before October. I spent day after day sorting, tossing and putting away the 'treasures' we had accumulated during our 13 years of marriage and parenthood. I tried to look past the mislabelled boxes and all of the broken bits and pieces in each box but after three weeks of frustration and disappointment I stopped with the boxes. Whatever had not yet been unpacked I stacked, shoved into closets or hid in the garage rafters, promising myself that one day I would get back at it.

Fast forward 11 months and everything is still stuffed, stacked and hidden. The odd box has been pulled out and rummaged through but for the most part everything is just as it was a year ago ... maybe even worse. Our storage room (that was supposed to be my writing hide-away) has become the graveyard of procrastination. Every project to be finished later, repair to be made when I have time and odd and sod to be put away properly tomorrow -but somehow tomorrow never came - has landed in that room ... including a fully decorated Christmas tree!

So, today is the day. The time to reclaim my space and organise the mayhem is now! I am going in that room and I'm not coming out until its done ... except to grab a coffeejuice, use the washroom, answer the phone, play with the dog, make lunch, make a phone call, send an email, write my blog ....

I was planning on procrastinating today but I think I'll do it tomorrow.

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