Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peas & Carrots

Spring Break Day 4 and our plans for today had to be cancelled due to illness. Some friends from our old neighborhood were supposed to come out for a visit today but one of their sons is sick. The kids were pretty bummed out yesterday when they heard the news but today they are handling the change in plans like champions, they have made their own plans for today and their having a great time.

When I got up this morning it was to the sounds of the kids laughing and playing Playdough together. They were singing songs from their favourite movies, imagining that they were cooks at a restaurant and good naturedly teasing each other. They played like that for almost two hours and then they moved on to the next items on their lists.

Yes, they made a list of things they were going to do today. The list included a bubble bath for Crafty while the boys played Wii, then a game of Elephun followed by lunch, playing outside then a movie complete with popcorn and sour gummies. After supper they plan to have a Jedi battle while Crafty plays with her dolls for a while, then they are going to play Playmobile and read a couple of stories before bed.

Sounds like a full day and so far they have stuck to their plan without arguing. I can't remember the last time my kids have spent so much time together without having major arguments constantly. Sure we have had moments of chaos and rowdiness this week but for the most part we have been experiencing sibling bliss.

They have been helpful, respectful and generally a lot of fun to be with. I'm not sure what's going on, maybe its just that they're getting older or maybe that here, in this house, there is enough space for everyone to do their own thing but whatever it is I love it! I love having relaxed conversations with the kids, playing games and joking around with them. I also love that they are at the stage where I don't need to be activity director 24-7. They can make up their own minds on how to spend their day and for the most part they make pretty good decisions.

After they had cleaned up the Playdough (complete with wiping the table and sweeping the floor) the boys went downstairs to play Wii and Crafty sat with me on my bed while we waited for the tub to fill for her bubble bath. I asked her if she was missing school and her friends and she said not really.

"Not even your friends?"

"Nope, I'm kind of having fun with he boys."

"Really? You don't wish that you had more play dates this week?"

"Having more girls around would be fun," she said, "but me and the boys just fit together, we're a team, kind of."

"You guys certainly seem like you're having fun together," I said.

"We are," she said as she slid off the bed and walked toward the door, "at least when they are not being dufusses."

Yep, peas and carrots ... different but still good together.

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