Monday, March 28, 2011

The First Day of Spring Break


In theory I look forward to the school break the kids get during the year. Thanksgiving is a nice time to take a breath, Remembrance Day is an excellent day to relax and Christmas Break is the perfect opportunity to unwind a bit. I go into each of these breaks full of optimism and plans for some really great family time but within the first couple of hours f each school break I start wishing that school would be called back into some kind of emergency session. This is never more true than during Spring Break.

I don't know what it is about this time of the year but the kids are nuts! Its probably cabin fever mixed with their general fed-up-edness with the snow but they are all rowdy, loud and full of good/bad ideas (depending which side of the resulting catastrophe you're standing on).

This year I am trying to combat the mayhem with a few well timed outings and visits with friends but if this morning is an indicator of what I'm in for this week my hopes for a more blissful break may have just flown out the window!

I didn't hear from the kids until about an hour after we usually get up for school. At first they were quiet, I could faintly ear them chatting with each other and making breakfast but that only lasted a few minutes. By quarter to nine a full on Jedi war was taking place on he main floor of the house. I could hear the light sabres, blaster guns and whirring of ships zipping up and down the hall. When the boys decided to capture Crafty, she was Princess Leia unbeknownst to her, she panicked and I got up to referee.

Apparently the battle was a human/Lego figure hybrid battle that involved stripping the living room couch of all its pillow, moving the kitchen benches to block off the doorways to the dining room and front entry and having the army of Lego figures take their stand in Dude's toast with peanut butter (apparently because it sticks better and it looks like a foreign planet). As I ventured deeper into the battle scape I found that the front closet was some kind of hideout with many of the shoes and coats used as a barricade and that 'Princess Leia' had been abducted from her craft area where she had been beading, gluing, taping, stamping, painting, colouring and glittering everything in sight.

As I write this I am waiting for the coffee to brew while Mischief is returning the living room and front entry to some kind of order, Dude is licking his Lego guys clean and tidying up the kitchen and Crafty is peacefully back at her project. We came to a compromise, battles are for the basement and you cannot take anyone hostage without their consent.

I'm going to pour myself a pot of coffee and barricade myself in my bedroom until morning ... Monday morning! Happy Spring Break!

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