Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Nothing Day

Spring Break Day 3 and the kids and I have decided that today is going to be a nothing day ... we are going to do absolutely nothing today. This means no chores, no getting dressed (if you don't want to), no running errands and no homework. Just a great big day of nothing.

My nothing day began with a 2am wake up call from Crafty because she couldn't remember if I tucked her in before I went to bed or not (Mr. Awesome tucked her in and he was asleep 30 seconds later). At 7:30 Dude came into y room to remind me that it was Nothing Day and I should sleep in if I want. At 7:44, Dude returned to tell me he thought my bedroom was too cold for me to seep in and I should shut the window. At 7:58 Dude came back once again and insisted on closing my bedroom window.

By 8:30 each kid had visited my room one more time to get me to open a box of cereal, to ask if they should feed the tortoise and to inform me that they are out of clean underwear. It is now 11am and have done three loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, painted Crafty's toenails, fixed Mischief's Playmobile fire station, vacuumed the basement, cleaned the kitchen again (after second breakfast) and cleaned the kids' bathroom.

When I sat down to check my emails and write this blog Dude came up behind me and gave me a huge hug and said, "Don't you love nothing days?"

"Yeah, Buddy, nothing days rock,"  laughed as I thought about my busy morning.

"Can we go out and rent some movies, then stop at the grocery store to get some chocolate milk and if you want you can stop at Timportance and get a coffee too," he asked.

Errands, what happened to my nothing day?! "Yeah, sure we can ... just give me a couple of minutes."

"Great! I don't have any clean pants though, you're going to have to wash some."

"I just did three loads of laundry, there must be something clean you can wear?"

"I have all my pants in my room, I didn't want to crowd the laundry room for you. So can you wash them?"

"Yeah, Buddy, take them to the laundry room and I'll be right there."

"Thanks, Mom ... nothing days are awesome!"

Nothing Day? To quote one of my favourie movies, "I do not think that word means what you think it means!"

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