Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Madness

Yesterday seemed like a crazy day. I think the kids are still having trouble with the time change or something because they were all a little off. Normally all the kids are up before me and go through their morning routine without a hitch but yesterday I had to drag them all out of bed and fight with the boys to eat breakfast, get dressed and go to school. Thankfully once Crafty was up she was good to go because I nearly broke my 'no morning yelling' rule just trying to get the boys into the van.

Once I shoved them out of the van, I mean dropped them off and school with kisses and well wishes for the day, I did a u-turn and headed for Timmie's. An extra large did not seem big enough after the morning I had! Anyway, I got my coffee and went home to a blissfully quiet and relatively clean home. The rest of the day was spent working in clam silence ... until 3:30 when I went to the school to pick the kids up.

Honestly, in retrospect I should have just left them there. It took so much work to get them there in the first place and they were all miserable and needy when I picked them up so I should have just left them. What's the school going to do? Kick them out into the snow? I don't think so!

By the time we got home I had one kid in tears, another one growling mad and the third asking, begging pleading for a play date, to do crafts, to read a book with her, to make a snack, to organise her dolls, to paint her nails, to help her make the earth spin in the opposite direction. As we all tumbled into the house, sobbing, growling, whining I had another 'why didn't I just get a dog instead' moment and sent everyone to their own rooms so I could gather my few stray wits and sort this chaos out.

It took a while but I got Crafty busy playing with the neighbor kid, Dude settled into his room with a movie and a snack and Mischief building Lego in his room. Just when I thought everything was calm and settled Dude came bursting out of his room in tears over something that happened weeks ago, Crafty opened the back door and brought in a sculpture that was half mud, half snow and ALL melting to show me and Mischief came barreling down the stairs in a growling rage because his Lego project wouldn't work.

"I'm full of madness!" he wailed as he handed me a handful of broken parts to fix.

I surveyed the mayhem that was my life in that moment and said, "Me too, Buddy ... me too!"

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