Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Our last house was a 90 year old character home complete with creaky stairs, drafty hallway and a creepy basement. I loved the house from the moment I saw it and Mr. Awesome loathed it until the moment we moved out.

A house like that can get your imagination going if you let it...and sometimes your imagination can get carried away. As you've read, our kids have pretty active imaginations and I love that about them. I love that they can turn any household object into a treasure, a campfire or a component to a spaceship. As much as I love their imaginations sometimes I worry for them because I was a kid (and now an adult) with a well developed imagination and I know how easy it is to freak yourself out. That's why we are careful about what they watch and read.

One morning last spring Mr. Awesome and I were enjoying, or trying to enjoy, a bit of a sleep in when we heard rustling and banging outside our bedroom door. We could surmise that it was the boys and from the sounds of it they were playing some kind of hunting game with their NERF guns.

Crafty - What are you doing?

Dude - We're ghost hunting.

I cringed when I heard this because more than anything else the idea of ghosts really gets to Crafty.

Crafty - There's no such thing as ghosts.

Mischief - Yes there is.

Crafty -  No there isn't!

Dude - Yes there is, I saw it on a commercial!

I prepared myself to get out of bed to break up the inevitable yelling match that was sure to follow this exchange but instead of yelling there was silence...and that worried me just as much!

Crafty - Can I see your gun?

One of the boys gave their gun to her and we heard the sound of the trigger being pulled twice and the soft 'thwap' of the foam dart hitting its target.

Dude - Ouch, what was that for?

Crafty - I'm hunting dufuses and I got two. (she started walking down the stairs) there's no such thing as ghosts!

I smiled and snuggled back into my pillow...Thata girl, Crafty!

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