Monday, November 1, 2010

Truly Beautiful

Last week I went to Crafty & Mischief's school for their Halloween costume parade and assembly. We live in a small town that has many new immigrants. Many of these kids don't celebrate Halloween for religious reasons and others because culturally they are not familiar with this festival.

One of Crafty's classmates was allowed to participate in the Halloween party but not allowed to come in costume. Her father could not see the point in wearing a costume so she was sent to school in one of her 'everyday' dresses. She was one of only ten kids (out of 350) who was not in costume. I felt a bad for her as they started calling out costume themes for the parade.

Kids dressed as "Spooky" "Famous People/Characters" and "Animals or Bugs" came parading by in all their glory and still Crafty's little friend sat there. The more categories that were called the more nervous I felt for her. She is a sweet little girl and I didn't want her to feel left out of any part of the celebrations. Then the teacher called out "Beautiful" and dozens of princesses and fairies began their glittery stroll around the gym. I looked back to where Crafty and her friend were sitting but her friend was gone? I mouthed "Where is she?" Crafty pointed.

Her friend was prancing around the gym with all the of the princesses. As she walked past me I heard another kid ask her what she was dressed up as, her reply?

"Just me. I'm beautiful."

Yes she is!

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