Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Dorky One

The thing you should know about me is, I'm a dork. No, no...its true just ask my sister.

As I kid I was always much taller than most kids in my class and I felt it. I was all arms and legs and feet...very big feet. I was clumsy and had a huge over bite which lead to braces and other orthodontic torture devices. I loved Star Trek and History Television (I blame my dad) and had a weird obsession with panda bears for most of my preteen years.

But somehow I survived. I made it through my teen years with most of my self esteem in tact and a fairly decent number of friends. I found my way through university where, honestly, everyone is a bit dorky and I sailed into adulthood with more confidence than any recovering Trekkie should rightfully have. And as I got a little older and became a wife and mother I thought I had left my dorky years behind me.


Doing this blog has been wonderful. I enjoy the routine of sitting down with my cup of coffee and my fuzzy socks (which are missing!) and writing little tidbits about the people and things I care about. I love seeing 'like' count on Facebook rise and seeing the user counter on my blog stat page increase a little everyday. I enjoy the comments and encouragements I receive in emails and FB messages but its the face to face interactions that instantly bring out my inner-dork.

I can't handle compliments, seriously, I can't. I get red-faced, awkward and if the interaction lasts longer than ten seconds I start to sweat and get light headed. I have a standard line I have practiced in hopes of not coming off like a total loser when people talk to me but I don't think its working. More than once in the last week or so I have found myself standing in front of very kind and generous readers, being blessed with compliments and all I can offer in return is a few twitchy stammers of appreciation before I find an excuse to high tail it out of there.
So Friends, I don't mean to be rude. Please keep reading and enjoying my crazy little stories. 'Like' 'Comment' and 'Share' til your hearts content on Facebook and even feel free to approach me in person just be gentle and remember...I am an incurable dork.

Thanks ;-)

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