Thursday, November 4, 2010

Comic Relief

We're at the point in Dude's development and understanding of Asperger's where we are guiding him toward independence. We are trying to help him learn how to speak up for himself and let people know what he needs to feel comfortable and productive at school. I often remind him that I am not always available to translate for him so he has to find the words himself.

So yesterday when he came out of school quite emotional I knew we had to have a chat. We went to my room, sat on my bed and began to talk about his day. We discussed his interactions with his teacher, the responsibilities he has in the classroom and the people he is sitting near.

He made a list of the things that were causing him stress at school and his plan for talking to his teacher about these issues. I told him that as long as he stays respectful and open to compromise it never hurts to ask for change.

At some point during our chat Mischief wondered in and sat down with us. Dude was just reviewing his plan when Mischief piped up, "I think I am going to talk to my teacher. Grade One is too much stress all day. I need to stay home after lunch like the kindergartners so I can play and relax and maybe do some more skateboard tricks."

"Mischief, that's not really what I meant."

He slid off the bed, shrugged and said, "Well, I'm going ask anyway. My teacher likes me so she might let least on Tuesdays maybe."

He left the room. Dude and I broke out laughing. When the laughter began to subside Dude said, "Its a good thing I have a brother like him, he makes serious days seem not as bad."

Ain't that the truth!

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