Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cool like That

So, I just came from a Welcome to Middle School night at Crafty's school and although I am ready to collapse into my bed with my ManMug of coffee juice and a good book I just had to write tonight. I had to ask the question "Who told you that?"

Here's the deal, I was talking with my pal this evening and she was filling me in on the first month of school as her little dude, Ace, is chatty and Crafty is selectively communicative. Ace and Crafty are buddies, they have been since grade three and now at the ripe old age of ten they figure their friendship has weathered the test of time and being pals with a cootie-filled member of the opposite sex isn't so bad.

They hang out at recess, chat their way through class, help each other out when they can and sit together at lunch most days. It was during one of their lunchtime hang out session that they discovered that they weren't cool, or at least they weren't sitting at the cool table.

The story goes that Ace and Crafty invited another pal to join them at their table. This kid politely said that although he liked Crafty and Ace and considered them friends he couldn't sit with them because they weren't at the cool table. My pal said that Ace wasn't too bothered by the comment but I was.

So, this rant is for you Ace!

Who told you that you're not cool? Who thinks they get to decide what cool is and what it is not?

Don't you think cool might be having friends who like you, accept you for who you are and not for what you wear, where you sit and who you talk to? 

Don't you think cool might be having your pal's back, walking with them when they can't run on their own and making them smile when it feels like the world is against them?

Don't you think cool might be grooving to the party in your own head, being able to laugh at your own jokes and knowing that you are loved just for being you?

Don't you think being cool might be being confident enough to be goofy, being secure enough to take a joke, being brave enough to be silly?

Don't you think cool might be living with kindness, treating others with respect and doing your best to be your best?

Maybe they're right Ace, you're not cool. You are a freaking rockstar!

Shine on. 

Rock on.

Because you're cool like that.

What fun is it being cool if you can't wear a sombrero?
~Calvin & Hobbes

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