Monday, September 10, 2012

Where's the music?

Whether its a meatball being nosed across a plate, a chick floating on a door while watching her boyfriend sink into the ocean or a vampire and a werewolf fighting over which monster gets the girl; whether sweet, tragic or melodramatic, romantic moments are always set to the most heart-breakingly beautiful music.

So imagine my surprise when I met and married Mr. Awesome and I didn't hear any music and my further surprise that real life romance rarely looks the way it does in movies!

Since we didn't have the traditional start to our relationship, there was very little romance to our courtship. We were friends, pals, buddies who fell for each other. There was no preening, wooing and impressing. There was just us; goofy, dorky, imperfect us. And yet somehow I still thought (hoped?) that once we were married, our life was going to be one gushy, romantic moment followed by another all set to Chicago tunes.

Not so much. And that's okay.

I've grown used to the rhythm of our life. I find comfort in the easy friendship and unadorned simplicity of our love ... It's us and that's magnificent.

Still, every now and then, I wonder what it would be like to live out one of those fantastically romantic movie moments. I wonder what it would be like to have Mr. Awesome fight off a bunch of ROUSes, be mostly dead for part of the day and yell 'as you wish' as he tumbled down the side of a hill.


I was in one of those missing-the-Hollywood-romance moods a couple of weeks ago when I attended a family movie night at our church with some friends. I was sitting with a friend of mine who is recently divorced and while we were chatting Mischief kicked over my coffeejuice mug and spilled The Precious.

I was very disappointed that my sweet hazelnutty goodness was gone but what was I going to do? We went back to our conversation and I didn't give my poor Precious another thought. About ten minutes later Mr. Awesome came strolling across the parking lot with a fresh coffeejuice for both me and my pal.

"Now that's romantic!" she said.

I looked at Mr. Awesome and in that moment I realized he is, and always has been my knight in shining armour, my dragon slayer, my mutt with the meatball. It's the million tiny things he does everyday that has built our love and created a life of true, honest to goodness romance.

He winked at me as he handed me my coffeejuice and I blushed like a school girl as my heart flip flopped and butterflies took flight inside my chest.

Yep, this is real romance.

This is true love - you think this happens every day?
~Westley, The Princess Bride

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