Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Wayward Blogger

Yep ... it's me again.

Over the past several weeks I've thought of you often. I've imagined what I would say to you, made mental note of amusing stories or strange happenings in my Random House and planned to sit down and reconnect with you. But it just didn't happen. Treatments, visitors, beach days and mom duties all conspired to keep me from my key board. But I'm back.

While I've been hanging out in hospital waiting rooms, getting microwaved, drowning in back to school chaos and reclaiming my space in our domestic life I have noticed a few random curiosities that I'd like to share with you. So, in no particular order, here they are ...

~Where you see a mullet a mini skirt is never far behind. True story.

~'Nothing' is never nothing when its said by a seven year old boy.

~For the average boy, twelve years old is the age where girls go from ignored annoyances to the trigger for all matter of dorky awkwardness.

~Hospital gowns were designed by some sadistic soul who thought it'd be fun to make sick or injured people bend themselves into pretzels to tie a garment that was never intended to fully and adequately cover their behind.

~If you have three children driving in a minivan for three hours a day how many days will it take to drive the mother crazy. The answer? Pancakes! (sorry, she was nuts ages before this scenario began!)

~Without the Olympics to watch the awkward quotient rises dramatically in a room full of strangers sitting around in hospital gowns.

~Kindness creates an instant bond between strangers.

~The end of summer comes much faster than the end of the school year.

I'm looking forward to get back to the keyboard and spending more time with you fine folks. Thanks for bearing with me, sending me encouraging words and happy thoughts and, most of all, for continuing to check in here from time to time. You rock!

Laughter is an instant vacation.
~Milton Berle

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