Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loved Through

While the last minutes of March first slip by I am frantically writing this post. I had pledged to give all my peeps a monthly reminder to check themselves and I didn't want to let this month pass by despite all that's going on here. I started chemo yesterday and had an early morning CT today followed by a little volunteering and a lot of napping. I feel good, with very few side effects. I feel lucky, blessed, in so many ways.

Last weekend I was honoured by spending a day shopping and laughing with my sister and one of my cousins. That evening we met up with twenty or so of my pals for dinner and coffejuice and a movie. All of my pals showed up wearing hats and ready for a good time. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up and how much love flowed my way.

At the end of the meal I stood up and shared a few words with my pals. I wanted then to know that the reason why I can be brave, strong and an 'inspiration' is because they are my people. They are brave for me, strong for me and inspire me. They encourage me, take care of me and love me through this journey ... every step of the way. And as I looked around the room, seeing childhood friends mix with church pals mix with high school buddies mix with family I knew that as long as all these people are on my side I can continue to kick cancer's ass!

A friend posted this video on my facebook wall and I wanted to share it with you ...

This month, as you remember to check yourself ... be sure to look around and count the blessings in your life ... see your pals and know that they are their to love you through whatever you're going through!

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things. ~Author Unknown

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Anonymous said...

You make it easy to love you through it. I love your incredible balance of humor and honesty. You are not afraid to be real. I just love that about you.