Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Say Suicide

Suicide makes me mad so stop it.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

What is worth dying for? What is worth killing yourself, your dreams, your future over? What is worth devastating the people who love over? What is worth your life?

What is worth a life? What is worth making a person feel so useless, unloved and isolated over? What is worth forcing despair and humiliation on to someone? What words are worth a life?

When I hear about teens taking their own lives because of words that have been said and judgements that have been made it makes my blood boil. I can't handle it when people of any age use put downs to elevate their own self esteem. I don't understand why cruelness has become so cool and kindness so passe. I can't figure out what the long term pay off to aggression is, how does knowing that you have caused another person to feel as bad as you do make you feel better? How do you, Mean Kid, figure that your harsh words are worth the life of another person?

What's worse than kids being mean to kids is adults allowing, modelling and endorsing the very attitudes that lead to bullying. Go ahead, teach your kids morals, standards and ethics that fall in line with your beliefs but also teach them about respect and kindness. Teach them that cruelty has never turned one heart towards God. Model for them acceptance despite differences. Endorse kindness.

And Kid Who Feels Like Dying, stop it, you're scaring me! Even though you don't feel like it right now, even though you may not know it, you are stronger than this, you are loved more than this. The kid who is making your life hell, the adult who doesn't see you, the taunts that echo in your ears long after they've been said, those things won't last forever. The pain will stop, the loneliness will end. If you feel like dying, wait five minutes ... if you still feel like dying, wait five more minutes. While you're waiting tell someone. Write it down, tweet it, text it, call that one person who is always glad to see you.

Tell someone because suicide is a waste, a tragedy and senseless. It is not an answer, its an unanswerable question. Suicide doesn't fix anything, it breaks hearts. Suicide leaves a gaping hole of hurt, inadequacy and confusion where love used to live. Suicide doesn't end, it echos in the lives of the people who loved and lost.

Tell someone, a friend, a teacher, a parent a pastor. Call the stranger who is always there to help.

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Your life matters.
~Some Random Mother

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