Friday, April 29, 2011

Understanding the Eternal

Last night, as I was putting The Conman, oops, I mean Mischief, as I was putting Mischief to bed he started asking me the meaning of words. Most of them were easy answers, like the meaning compassion, joy and society. Others had me in stitches because they were so far beyond my realm of comfortable vocabulary I didn't even know if I was giving the correct definition and usage of the words. Hearing phrases like 'true dat' 'up in your grill' and 'fo'shizzle' coming out of a six year old was bizarre and hilarious!

After about ten minutes of playing 'What's that Word?' I decided that his curiosity was anti-bedtime motivated and was just about to shut the conversation down when he started asking Bible questions. The sincerity in his baby face made me cave in under three seconds and before I knew it we were both cuddled up on his bed talking about Bible stories.

We discussed 'who the dude was that appeared in the fiery furnace with those other guys,' why Jesus turned water into wine instead of SunnyD (Sunny D has vitamins and it tastes 'awesome') and our best guess on how long it took to clean up after all those animals on the Ark. He asked if Daniel really did order pizza when he was in the lion's den and why Moses didn't bring a map along when he left with all those people. Then he asked what eternity means.

"It means forever, unchanging."

"So God is forever?"

"Yep, is is always the same, He loves us the same and nothing we do can ever change that."

"Like the front entry and the laundry and stuff?"

"Sorry? I don't follow you."

"God is like laundry and stuff."

"I heard you, I just don't understand the connection."

"Ugh! God is like laundry. He loves us no matter what, all the time right?"


"There are always dirty clothes in the basket, no matter what. No matter how much you wash our stuff, there's always more dirty stuff. No matter how much you clean the front entry, there's always our junk all over the place. Its always there. Forever. Unchanging. God is like laundry."

"Oh, I see ... yes, I guess, God is like laundry."

Theology from the mind of a six year old ... hilariously simple!

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